Enabling or disabling the particular queues

There is an ability to enable or disable particular queues in the workers. For this purpose, there is an ALLOWED_WORKER_QUEUES environment variable. It is not set by default and means all queues are allowed. Variable received the comma-separated set of queue names to be allowed, queue names that are not defined in the value for this variable will be turned off.

There are five main queues statement goes through:


Also, there is STATEMENT_REQUEUE_CURSOR_QUEUE that is used in the Scheduler process for automated statements requeue process. If we still want this feature to be enabled(like it is by default), we need to include it in the ALLOWED_WORKER_QUEUES. So based on this there are six queue names in total available to be used in ALLOWED_WORKER_QUEUES.


If we want to turn off the statement forwarding feature, we need to list all the queues, except STATEMENT_FORWARDING_QUEUE and STATEMENT_FORWARDING_PERSONA_DEPENDENT_QUEUE:



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