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It’s likely that you’ve either misconfigured your “Client” in Learning Locker or you’re using an incorrect “Authorization” header. To correctly configure your Client and use the correct Authorization header, we recommend that you firstly follow our documentation for creating a “Store” in Learning Locker. Creating a Store will automatically create a new Client that is no longer automatically creates a new client, so to create a client that’s associated to your Store and enabled with the correct scopes and associated to the Store you created. Therefore, once you’ve created a Store, , click on the Create client button on the Store list item and follow the link to the Clients page (or go to Settings > Clients and ) to find the new Clientclient.

The new Client will have a “Basic auth” token which you can use as the value for your “Authorization” header in any HTTP requests to the xAPI (be sure to prepend “Basic “ to the start of the token).